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There are moments in our lives that we can identify as defining moments.
Moments that change everything. For Corey Wilson, that moment came on
February 27, 2009. While traveling home on I35 Corey’s car was involved in an
accident, sending his car off the road, flipping twice and throwing Corey forty-five
feet from the vehicle, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Suddenly, Corey
found himself in a hospital bed with many obstacles ahead of him, and a simple
question embedded in his mind, “good or GREAT?” Whether it was attempting to
take steps for the first time using a walker and leg braces, or making his way up an
escalator in his wheelchair instead of having to go out of his way to get to the
elevator; Corey conquered mission after mission with those three words. “good or
No longer able to suit up with his football teammates at University of
Oklahoma, Corey stayed close to the program and was even asked by Coach Bob
Stoops to share his story and lessons learned with the team. Corey was awarded
the Jim Thorpe Courage award in 2010, and was a recipient of the Don Key award
during his senior season at Oklahoma in 2012 (given to a player who has battled
back from injury), as well as the Athletics Council Achievement Award the same
year. After graduation in December of 2012, Corey put his focus on the future.
Corey had a desire to create a brand driven by the creed he and his brothers
began to apply in 2008 - 'are you going to be good or GREAT?' Good or Great
is a service based brand who offers sports & performance training, and custom apparel services.
Corey also continues to share his inspirational story of triumph over tragedy with
audiences of all ages. His speeches are tailored with lessons of patience,
perseverance, self value, and identity.

Corey currently resides in Carrollton, Texas.
A portion of all speaking fees will be donated to the Find A Way Foundation, a non-profit started
by Corey to help individuals succeed while living with a spinal cord injury.
The foundation provides medical equipment, assistance with rehabilitation opportunities, and
supports individuals on their goal oriented endeavors.

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Enjoy a powerful motivational speech about my story, as well as insight into life on both sides of the chair.

Disability Awareness and Courtesy Program

Ralph Waldo Emmerson once said "Your actions speak so loudly, that I cannot hear what you say." Let's get real about disability awareness and courtesy. I will work with you to create a program perfect for your school or organization.

Tailored Motivational Speeches

From navigating through defenders on a football field, to navigating through life in a wheelchair. My journey gives me a unique ability to connect with audiences of all ages. I will work with you to ensure your audience receives the message they need. Let's Be Great.

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